“All the years of commitment and dedicated work and follow up of everything that can be attributed as graphic arts and graphic art scene, both regionally speaking and at wider international level, have actually imposed the need for organizing and setting up an exhibition of this type. Despite the fact that it is the first to happen here it still provoked huge interest among artists, regardless whether they deal with graphic arts only or with any other visual art discipline as well. Ex Libris, as a category of visual artistic expression, has been present around the world for a long time now, however, until the end of the 19th century, among the Ex-Librists heraldic motives prevailed exclusively.
Being a specific medium of expression and a visual artistic form, Ex Libris has always been captivating for the authors, however, only with the emergence of modernity and the industrial revolution, somewhere at the very beginning of the 20th century, it started receiving a more liberal approach and treatment in a visual artistic sense. From that period on, until today, there have been many artists and bookplate collectors who have committed themselves to creating and collecting this type of art. This exhibition grasps only small portion of what is actually happening on the graphic scene, however, it, hopefully, depicts the abundant spirit and the dedication of the authors.”

(part of the preface from the catalogue for the “1st International Ex Libris Exhibition Skopje”)

Sonja Dimovska,
MA Graphic Artist