Dear artist,
The International Exhibition of Ex Libris Skopje is honored to invite you to participate in the 6th International Exhibition of Ex Libris Skopje 2023, which will take place from 7th till 30th December 2023 at the “Imperial I” Gallery at the Cultural Information Center – Skopje. This call for submission is open to all International artists 18 years of age and older. The bookplates have to meet the following requirements:

  • A dedication with the family name of the owner or of an existing institution must be an integral part of the bookplates composition, together with the words “Ex Libris”.
  • The dedication should consist of a full first name and family name of the bookplates owner or the name of the institution; in the case of the use of abbreviated inscriptions, or if using initials, the full name and surname of the bookplates owner must be provided on the reverse and in the application form.
  • Work dimensions: paper size: 20x20cm, image size: 13x13cm
  • All graphic art techniques are acceptable. Drawings, studies and designs are excluded.
  • Each artist can participate with max. 3 different bookplates.
  • The following information must be provided on the reverse of each work: name and surname of the creator, the full name and surname of the bookplates owner (optional), the bookplates dimensions, technique used, and year of creation.
  • Works should be sent unframed, without mount.

The deadline for submissions is 30 November 2023. This deadline includes the arrival and reception of the bookplates at the location. (Due to potential postal delays, participants are encouraged to mail their submissions as early as possible.) Artists participating in the exhibition are free to submit works created after 2020. Works that do not fulfill the above criteria will be rejected. There is NO ENTRY FEE and RETURN of the prints. There is going to be one first, second and third award and it consists of letter of appreciation and a medal.The organizers do not hold the responsibility if any of the works are lost or damaged during transport. Every participant will receive an Е- Letter of appreciation. The catalogue will be published electronically on the web site of IEXLS, and each author will be able to download it without any fee. By this, we would like to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to greener and cleaner environments. Moreover, the whole exhibition will be posted as a permanent online exhibition, and other materials from the opening of the exhibition will be also shared on the same website.

Please send the works with the legible application ( EN / MK ) form to the following address:
Ul.”Filip Vtori Makedonski”, bb
1000 Skopje Republic of North Macedonia EUROPE

The official opening of the 6th International Ex Libris Exhibition Skopje 2023 will be held on 7th December 2023 at the gallery “Imperijal I” of the Cultural Information Center – Skopje. For additional information, please contact:
Sonja Dimovska

All works qualified for the exhibition will remain in the collection of the International Ex Libris Exhibition Skopje as their property.